• Abortions have a long documented and controversial history in this country. It has become one of the most divisive issues in the last 50 years. For too many women, it is the most difficult decision of their lives. Both parties have used the issue as a political football. Instead of continuing this fight in which no one wins, we could immediately take action to reduce the total number of abortions in a bipartisan manner. Congress has the power to encourage adoptions, provide aid to newborn children, and assist expectant mothers.

  • The new Texas abortion vigilante law has made life harder for women, doctors, and care givers. In some cases, medical emergencies may result in the death of the mother and/or the child. Difficult medical decisions should not be forced on families due to the misguided principles of self-serving politicians. Life and health are too complex to be guided by blanket laws. We should do what we can do to help families overcome these challenges.

  • A pilot program in Colorado that provided family planning and birth control to expectant mothers, cut abortion rates in half within 5 years of implementation. This should be the model for the rest of the country. This has the potential to be a turning point for the United States. Whether you are pro-choice, pro-life, or anything in between, we can all agree that fewer individuals seeking abortions is a good thing. We can overcome this useless partisan fighting, and eliminate the need for abortions all together.

Planned Parenthood prevents abortions by offering support to expectant mothers. They offer resources for families in need.