• Like abortion, guns have become one of the most divisive issues in American politics. Personally, I build guns, suppressors, and reload my own ammunition. I was raised to be a respectful and responsible gun owner, and I always will be. It is part of being a good American, and I am teaching my children those same values.

  • I support HR-38 and HR-95 to protect gun rights, and I will always support the 2nd Amendment. I do not support the Democrat's assault weapon ban, or the outlawing of certain components by Republicans. Those laws do nothing to prevent crime. Most of the disagreements on guns come from those that have no knowledge of the safe practices of firearms ownership. I will help fight this ignorance and be a voice of reason.

  • A prime example of government overreach is the ongoing management of the ATF. As a policing force, the ATF should not be allowed to change laws or how to enforce them based on who is in charge. I would support rolling part of the ATF into the DEA to assist with protecting consumers. Any firearm issues can be handled by the FBI.

  • Additionally, we can also take steps eliminate overlap and more directly enforce our existing laws. One example would be combining US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the US Customs and Border Protection. The average cost associated with a local police force to respond to, investigate, and make an arrest in a violent crime is around $11k. The average cost to make an arrest for a DEA officer is nearly $100k, while the ATF spends over $136k per arrest.