• It seems that Republicans and Democrats have both ignored the problems associated with spending beyond our means. I support measures to stop the deficit spending that continues to pile up debt. Future budgets should be limited to our ability to pay. Looking back, both parties have severely damaged our economic certainty. The only way for us to dig out of this mess is to return to responsible governance. I want to see Democrats return to the party of balanced budgets, and I will lead that effort if no one else steps forward.

  • The greatest argument to be made for fiscal responsibility is simply the security of our country. We have all enjoyed the benefits of this post-1945 Pax-Americana era. The majority of this time saw our country operate under balanced budgets. Something that often goes under-appreciated is our excellent credit rating. During times of conflict, every major country utilizes credit to win wars. Paying soldiers, building weapons, feeding citizens, are all threaten when a nation cannot pay or borrow. This great reserve power of credit we have is one of our greatest assets, and if we lose it, we may never have an opportunity to recover.

  • Although I support balancing budgets and stopping our current debt spending, I do believe in the power of good government programs. Our combined financial resources in the form of taxes are controlled by Congress. We have established great programs like Social Security, Medicare, the Postal Service, TVA, Amtrak, etc. Those all take in funds, but multiply them across the country to provide benefit beyond what any specific person or organization would ever be capable of doing. All government programs are capable of working efficiently and being economically beneficial.

  • TVA is one of my favorite projects, and has such a simple goal of achieving the best quality services for the least possible costs. The best part is that we are the owners, shareholders, and the main customers. We must not allow Congress to allow these great programs to fail. Every dollar invested in these programs have been proven to directly correlate in increased GDP. Through strong fiscal guidance and reform, these programs will continue to grow and help the next generations of Americans thrive.

  • One of my favorite examples is the squandering of the Oliver Hazard Perry class of frigates. The Navy built 51 ships from 1977-2004, at a cost of $122 million each. Compare that to the new Constellation class at $1 billion each, with only one completed so far and construction lagging. A navy study found that for about $100 million, each OHP frigate could be updated to be almost as capable as the new class of ship. The decision to me seems obvious, but Congress decided to spend more money to have fewer ships. I hope to bring some common sense to decisions like this in the future.