• When I think about conservation, I think about how lucky we are to live in this country. We have some of the best land, water, and air in the world. Plentiful game, fertile land, and endless opportunities for exploration. However, if current projections hold, the United States will be the last nation on Earth to have a supply of clean drinking water. Everyday, news stories show disastrous air quality, famine, and great environmental disasters. We must use common sense to keep our country pristine for future generations. Hunters, hikers, and farmers can all achieve the same goals.

  • Conservation is the natural area for conservatives and liberals to unite in this country. We are traditionally divided between urban liberals and rural conservatives. However, both sides have come to recognize that we only have one chance to keep our pristine natural environment. Compare this to the unbridled expansion in China that has destroyed vast swaths of the environment, generated unbreathable air, and undrinkable water. What kind of future will be left for the next generations if hunters have nothing to hunt, if fishers have no fish to catch, if hikers have no trails to take, if photographers have no natural wonders to capture? We have some basic issues that need ironing out, and we need strong leaders to do just that.