• George Washington was correct in his Farewell Address prediction that political parties could tear apart our democracy. The predominate ruling parties both share blame in allowing these fractures in our government to exist. With all of our technical innovations and advancements, we should never be in a position in which we have to recount votes. Congress should require that votes be counted correctly, only from those that are legally allowed to vote.

  • Voting should only be the counting of legal votes from eligible voters. There should be no scenario in which the results are in question. Every person that votes should know that their vote has been counted for the person that they voted for. It is as simple as printing out a receipt at the voting booth. This is so simple that it should be corrected as quickly as possible, and not dragged out by partisan fighting.

  • I support Joint Resolution 12 which is a bipartisan proposal to establish Congressional term limits. People stay in Congress too long. Although the position requires votes to be reelected, some politicians have made it a career to consistently do just enough to be reelected. The easiest way to correct this is to establish limits.

  • I support HR-1422, which is an attempt to solve some of the issues around campaign finance. Money should not be the barrier to citizens that have clear policy concerns from voicing their opinions. My campaign will be a shinning example of that. I hope to be open about where campaign money comes from, and where it eventually is spent. This is a simple step to eliminate a common source of corruption.

  • I also support Joe Manchin's framework for a bipartisan voting reform bill. It is a good start in correcting some of these other voting problems.

  • Members of Congress should be banned from profiting on stocks, receiving bribes, or be able to sale our country out to the highest bidder! Profiteers have no place in our elected government, and they should all be removed from office. Both parties are part of the problem, but individuals like us will have to take a stand against this corrupting influence. I will fight against Nancy Pelosi, Diana Harshberger, or any other corrupt member of Congress continuing this practice.

  • Finally, our Representatives in government must be held accountable for their actions. The list of crimes committed while in office is almost unbelievable. I will force Congress to be more transparent, more responsive to constituents, and to face consequences for illegal actions. Like our current Representative, they spend millions of dollars per year to hide their transgressions. We will block loopholes in campaign finance regulations, limit political donations, and guarantee free and fair elections. We will not have our government held hostage by crooks and criminals any longer.