• Immigration is just another political football that neither side takes action on to preserve votes in future elections. The government has all of the resources necessary to secure our borders, check all travelers, and stop criminals from entering our country. We must have an modern immigration system keeps us safe and promotes economic success.

  • The rally to build a wall, in reality, was a hollow political cry. We must have logical solutions to these complex problems. Immigrates typically cross our borders looking for good paying work. However, it is illegal for employers to hire these immigrants. To stop them from coming, you must start there. We have been arguing to solve this symptom, when we need to solve the cause of the problem. If we have a true worker shortage that requires immigrates, then issue permits for them to work here and go back. Or, if they have shown themselves to be capable of being good citizens, all them to become citizens. Stop allowing politicians to feed this false narrative around immigration.

  • Something Americans typically ignore is that we have the longest unprotected border in the world with our neighbor to the north, Canada. I would hope that our politicians would start spending time with their Mexican allies to fix our southern border like our Canadian one. We can leverage our position as a world leader to alleviate many of the issues that force illegal immigrants to cross the border.