Law and Order

  • Recently, basic principles of law and order have been under attack. Strong rhetoric about defunding police has done nothing to make people in this country safer. Token statements of support for the police have proven to be equally lacking in action. Neither side seems willing to drop the grandstanding and actually take action to help. We must stop politicizing and help. Congress can provide support with training, equipment, and other support. Our police and first responders are entrusted with our lives on a daily basis, and they should be supported as much as possible.

  • Too often hidden behind these arguments around law enforcement is the lack of readily available mental healthcare. Most perpetrators of violent crimes have some underlying mental health issue. This is not a problem that having more police, more prisons, or more punishments is going to solve. Congress must take measures to help treat this unchecked mental illness problem before it destroys our society.

  • We have a strong base of support for law enforcement from both Republicans and Democrats, but the major disagreements come from purely political positions. The federal government can play a supporting role by establishing national standards for training, providing support to officers, and establishing a positive culture for policing.